New Mountain's private equity strategy seeks to acquire the highest quality leaders in carefully selected growth industries.
New Mountain Vantage Advisers, LLC ("Vantage") holds non-control positions in the U.S. public equity market.
New Mountain’s credit strategy applies the firm’s “defensive growth” industry approach to the debt portion of the capital structure.
Bob Weiler
Senior Advisor

Bob Weiler, Senior Advisor, joined New Mountain in 2019. Most recently, Mr. Weiler was the EVP of Oracle’s Global Business Units where he oversaw billions of software revenue related to Development Sales Marketing and Support for all vertical applications such as finance, telecommunications, health science and hospitality. Previously he was Chairman and CEO of Phase Forward, a leading provider of integrated data management solutions for clinical trials and drug safety. Mr. Weiler has more than 40 years of technology-industry leadership experience, including his previous tenure as Giga Information Group's Chairman, President and CEO. Earlier in his career, Bob served as President and CEO of Eastman Software (formerly Wang Software), as well as Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Marketing, for Lotus Development Corporation, where he was instrumental in expanding the company's Lotus Notes business.