New Mountain's private equity strategy seeks to acquire the highest quality leaders in carefully selected growth industries.
New Mountain Vantage Advisers, LLC ("Vantage") holds non-control positions in the U.S. public equity market.
New Mountain’s credit strategy applies the firm’s “defensive growth” industry approach to the debt portion of the capital structure.
New Mountain's team includes professionals drawn from the nation's best known private equity, investment banking, institutional investor, accounting and consulting firms, and from leading U.S. corporations. New Mountain's professionals have realized significant gains with New Mountain or their previous firms. In addition, New Mountain Capital draws upon the experience of its Management Advisory Board, Executive Advisory Council and large network of executives from current and former portfolio companies.

Generally, New Mountain Senior Advisors are similar to "Operating Partners" who provide general or specific industry expertise on particular projects or transactions.  All persons listed in the Senior Advisors (Full Access) category are designated “access persons” pursuant to Rule 204A-1 under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as amended, and are subject to New Mountain’s Code of Ethics, which therefore allows them to be fully included in New Mountain’s investment reviews.  Based on a variety of factors, the Senior Advisors for Special Projects (Raj Alva, Baljit Dail, Matthew Ebbel and Frederic Salerno) are designated as “non-access persons” and are not subject to New Mountain’s Code of Ethics, which results in more limited or specialized roles.   List does not include Robert Grusky, who is non-exclusive to New Mountain.  Additionally, Robert Grusky is engaged in unrelated investment activities in connection with his own firm.